Feeding Hand



It's made our last CD is out. 18 months of reflexion for this album which finally arrives.

A long process but we are proud of it. We reviewed everything, how to compose, arrange, record a new start this brief that promises to Askew.

The production also changed and it shows a more current sound less "Garage" and a song much better than on the last album. DD was able to fully devote himself above all and that changes everything for us.

The artwork of the Drummer / Keyboarder Joz is up to the compound and it is not bad in its style.

For compositions, the novelty is that our bass player Franck went there to chip in so well put together a nice title.

Well as I mentioned my buddies I ended up me and my solos that gave me a lot of difficulties but ultimately come within the mold "Askew".


In the end it was a beautiful album with not necessarily the Askew recent years but that sounds well, very well. you can listen here or ask us by email

1 - The Hideout
2 - To the Moon
3 - The Smile
4 - Release the Kraken
5 - Strong One
6 - Feeding Hand
7 - Murder Me
8 - No Time

One more

Askew enters its 21th year of existence. Ups, downs, short line-up we will not rewrite history.

2014 will be a picture of 2013 compounds, the rehearsals and the end of the year we hope to start recording the new album. Ooooh calm! I see you coming no unnecessary harassment with your questions - that''s when, How title, or we''ll find? etc.. etc.. - We will keep you informed of the progress of things.

In the meantime you can still follow the news each and Facebook group.


The new album is out.

Entirely self-produced this 5th album is marked by a change in line-up. Indeed, during the recording of significant differences emerged between Franck(vocals) and the rest of the band The separation was inevitable and Andre went off the cuff singing vacated.

All titles have been written by Franck focus on the look that was at the loss of a loved one.

8 titles with dark text in a purely heavy /thrash style are scheduled.

You can order simply by contacting us by mail.